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Water Circulators

Quantum Northwest cuvette holders utilize circulating water or other fluid to transfer heat into or out of the Peltier device. This efficient transfer of heat leads to extraordinary temperature performance and obviates the need of a fan to deposit heat in the sample compartment of the spectrometer. You will need to make a choice of how you wish to circulate the cooling fluid.

Each cuvette holder controller product is provided, free of charge, with a submersible pump and bucket. We call this the Bath 10. Fill the bucket with water, cover it and place it under the table or otherwise out of the way. Put the pump in the bucket and circulate the water through the cuvette holder. This simple system is inexpensive and easy to set up. Although covered with a lid, it is an open circulation system that one might not like to put next to expensive optical systems.

For increased performance, you may wish to substitute another circulator. Here is a comparison of the options currently available from Quantum Northwest.

Components available:

BATH 10 – 12-Volt Circulator for use with the TC 1 Temperature Controller

BATH 120 – Circulator with US-style plug for AC power of 100-120 Volts

BATH 230 – Circulator with US-style plug for AC power of 220-240 Volts

KOOL 440 – Koolance enclosed circulation system

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