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Product Overview

T-App – QNW’s Temperature Control Application

T-App is the workhorse temperature control application at Quantum Northwest.  T-App is used by QNW technicians for system calibration, tuning, testing, development of specifications and as an aid to tracking down problems when they occur.

The primary purpose of T-App is monitoring temperatures.

  1. Temperature of the cuvette holder after temperature control is turned on or when the target temperature is changed.
    2. Temperature of the sample using a Series 400 or Series 500 thermistor probe connected to the external probe input of the temperature controller.
    3.  Temperature progress during a ramp of temperature as a linear function of time.

T-App can control the time interval between temperature reports:

  1. Using the menu item (or by sending commands manually in Command Mode) the minimum interval between reports is 1 second.
    2. Using a script, intervals as low as 0.1 second are possible.
    3.  There is no upper limit for the interval.
    4.  If needed each temperature report (or just the first) can include a time stamp.

time         temperature               time stamp

15.00              35.31             2018-05-01 15:43:39
15.50              35.56             2018-05-01 15:43:59
16.00              35.81             2018-05-01 15:44:39

T-App also provides a convenient user interface for:
1.  Turning temperature control on and off.
2.  Setting the target temperature.
3.  Turning magnetic stirring on and off.
4.  Setting the stirrer speed.
5.  Setting up and starting a temperature ramp (by setting the rate and the final temperature).

For the QNW t2x2 Sport sample holder and other dual systems having  sample and reference cuvette holders, T-App can be set to control temperature, ramping and stirring for the two holders either separately (duplicate menu items and controls) or linked (one set of menu items and controls

For a multi-position sample holder, such as the Turret 4 , Turret 6 or qCHANGER 6, T-App has menu items and controls to change to any position at any time.

While T-App cannot communicate with a spectrophotometer to coordinate temperature with absorbance or fluorescence intensity, coordination can be accomplished.

A Script is a text file containing a series of commands to be executed sequentially by T-App.  Generally, Scripts can be generated to automate, and accurately reproduce from day to day, the temperature control process, stirring and positioning.  See  Using Scripts with T-App.

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