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Turret 4/RF6000

Temperature-controlled four-position turret sample changer for the Shimadzu RF-6000 Spectrofluorophotometer
Product Overview

Increase productivity with the Turret 4/RF6000, a 4-position turret cuvette changer for use in Shimadzu’s new RF-6000 Spectrofluorophotometer. The Turret 4/RF6000 provides rapid, precise temperature control from -15 °C to +110 °C for to up to four cuvettes. There are three optical ports around each cuvette with dry gas purging to minimize condensation when working at cold temperatures. Precise, stepper-motor-driven magnetic stirring is available in each cuvette ensuring that each sample in the turret is studied under nearly identical conditions. Although currently operating independent of the spectrometer software, this unit may be controlled using the menu button on the front of the TC 1/Multi controller or through program T-App available from Quantum Northwest. Installation requires Shimadzu’s special front panel, typically used for a sipper accessory. We can provide this Shimadzu part, if needed.

Product Features

Four cuvette positions
Rapid, precise temperature control
Highly uniform temperature in each cuvette
Variable magnetic stir speed same in each cuvette
Sample tray with utilities brought to front panel
Dry gas purge
Probe input for sample temperature
NIST-traceable temperature calibration
Fully integrated software control

  • Technical Specifications
    Number of cuvettes controlled
    Typical use
    Absorbance, fluorescence
    Standard cuvette size (outside)
    12.5 mm x 12.5 mm
    Optical ports per cuvette
    Optical port dimensions
    10 mm high x 8 mm wide
    Built-in optical slit holders
    3 per cuvette
    Windowed jacket available
    Factory set temperature range
    -40 °C to +110 °C
    Temperature range easily achievable
    -15 °C to +110 °C
    Temperature precision
    ±0.01 °C
    Temperature accuracy
    ±0.20 °C from -20 ⁰C to +110 ⁰C
    Temperature reproducibility
    Better than ±0.09 °C
    Magnetic stirring motor type
    Stepper under each cuvette
    Magnetic stirring speed range
    1-2500 rpm
    Default stirring speed
    1200 rpm
    Stirring speed best performance
    60-1800 rpm
  • Basic Package

    Turret 4 – 4-Position cuvette changer (standard z-height = 15 mm)
    TC 1/Multi – Temperature Controller
    Floor and front panel with utility access
    Bath 10 – Circulator
    NIST-traceable calibration and performance data
    Accessories – Four magnetic stir bars, tubing, cables, optical slits and opaque cover

  • Accessories
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