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Thermistor Probe with Straight Neck and program for calibration

The Probe/QNW2 is a thermistor probe of the same style as the standard Series 400 probe available from other sources. This probe has a stainless steel tip. When the connector on the probe is plugged into the back of a TC 1 Temperature Controller, the temperature will be displayed on the front panel and be available to the user through the communication connections in the back of the controller. A Windows program, CAL/Probe, is provided with the probe. To calibrate, insert the probe in the in the probe hole found on the top of the cuvette holder, run CAL/Probe and follow instructions. The probe must be calibrated before use. The wires come straight out of the top of Probe/QNW1. If you use this configuration, be sure there will be enough room above the cuvette to accommodate the wires. We recommend that the probe be used in a sample water run, before the final experiment to avoid possible sample contamination.

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