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Thermistor Probe for use with the TC 1 Temperature Controller

Use the Probe/10k with a TC 1 Temperature Controller.

The thermistor tip is 9.52 mm long and has a diameter of 0.762 mm. The tip is at the end of a pair of thin 150 mm long lead wires. These leads are in turn connected 0.8 m of flexible cable terminated with a 1/8-inch miniplug. A 1/8-inch miniplug to 1/4-inch phone plug adapter is included. Plug the probe miniplug into the adapter and the Probe/10k becomes a standard “Series 500” thermistor probe. Insert the 1/4-inch plug into the jack on the back of a TC 1/Single, TC 1/Dual or TC 1/Multi Temperature Controller. When the probe is inserted, the controller displays the probe voltage. Insert the probe tip into the cuvette to measure sample temperature.

The sensor is an Amphenol Advanced Sensors MA100BF103BN for biomedical applications, a 10kohm thermistor (at 25 °C) with Kapton (polyimide) sleeve. The probe is tested and calibrated for use over a temperature range of -20 °C to +110 °C.

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