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Calibrations and Probes

Quantum Northwest maintains a certified NIST-traceable thermometer. All our Peltier-based sample holders are calibrated against this standard, and each sample holder is provided with a calibration certificate (see example).

All sample holders come with a matched and calibrated temperature controller. An input in the back of the controller accepts a standard Series 400 or Series 500 thermistor probe. Such probes are available from many sources. You may also purchase a probe from us that is specifically designed to be used in Quantum Northwest sample holders. This wire that connects this probe normally exits vertically from the probe. A bent version is available for use in covered sample compartments, where there is inadequate room for the straight version.

Components available:

Probe/QNW1 – Thermistor Probe with Bent Neck and program for calibration

Probe/QNW2 – Thermistor Probe with Straight Neck and program for calibration

CAL/Single – NIST-Traceable Temperature Calibration

CAL/TC1 – Calibration Package for a Quantum Northwest Cuvette Holder with TC 1 Temperature Controller

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