Pulsed-Laser Photoacoustics: PAS 1010

Pulsed-Laser Photoacoustics measures the rapid volumetric changes that occur in solution upon the absorbance of a brief flash of laser light.  The volume changes create an acoustic wave that is detected using an ultrasonic transducer.  The resulting waveform can be analyzed for the magnitude of the volume change as well as its kinetics.  This technique has seen use in a wide variety of research fields, including the photophysics of dyes and nanoparticles; visual pigments, channel rhodopsins and photo-switchable proteins; and very rapid solvation changes of ionic species in aqueous solution.

Quantum Northwest makes the PAS 1010, Instrumentation and Software for Pulsed-Laser Photoacoustics. The PAS 1010 provides optics, energy probes, a fast diode trigger, cuvette holder, transducer, preamp, data acquisition hardware and a digitizing oscilloscope. The components are linked together with software for data collection, processing and analysis. Add your laser and you will have everything you need to generate high quality pulsed-laser photoacoustics data suitable for complex kinetic analysis.

At the heart of the PAS 1010 is the FLASH 300/PAS, Temperature-Controlled Cuvette Holder for Laser Spectroscopy, configured with transducer and preamp. This product, also available separately, provides the precision temperature control needed for pulsed-laser photoacoustics.

PAS/BENCH Base and optical bench
PAS/INCPRB Beam splitter, filter mount and pyroelectric energy probe for monitoring incident pulse energies
PAS/DIODE Beam splitter, filter mount, and fast photodiode to provide timing trigger for the oscilloscope
PAS/TRANSPRB Filter mount and pyroelectric energy probe for measuring transmitted pulse energies
PAS/FW Manual 6-position filter wheel for repeatable intensity control
PAS/SH Shutter to block incident beam when it is not needed
PAS/CLS-RA 150-mm focal length fused silica cylindrical lens for focusing the beam in the cuvette, and adjustable rectangular aperture for precise control of the illuminated volume in the sample
PAS/FILTERS Thorlabs neutral density filters for attenuation of the incoming laser radiation (0.3, 0.5, 1.0, 2.0, 3.0 nominal ODs) plus two blanks used as beam splitters
TR-V103 Panametrics V103RM 1-MHz transducer
TR-PREAMP Panametrics 5662 Ultrasonic Preamp, cable included
PAS/scope Tektronix TDS 2012C 100-MHz Digitizing Oscilloscope with GPIB option
PAS 1000-IU PAS 1000-Series Interface Unit
PAS/Rj-7620Laser Probe Dual-Channel Energy Meter
PAS/NIGPIBNational Instruments NI-488.2 GPIB-USB-HS
FLASH 300 Temperature-Controlled Cuvette Holder for Laser Spectroscopy
PAS 300Photoacoustics option for the FLASH 300
TC 125TC 125 Temperature Controller
BATH 100Submersible pump, bucket and fittings to provide circulating water to the FLASH 300 Peltier
PAS/InspironDell Inspiron laptop computer for instrument control
T-AppWindows program for external computer control of the TC 125
PR-SACQData acquisition program for the PAS 1010
PR-SA Sound Analysis 32 deconvolution and kinetic analysis of photoacoustic waveforms
PR-SPROCData processing program for the PAS 1010