Custom Instrumentation

Our services include design, prototyping, testing and production of spectroscopic instrumentation.

We make frequent modifications to our existing products, adapt our products to new applications, and develop prototype spectrometers (typically based on our qpod product).  We can make a single custom instrument and keep our costs low.  We also run small production lines of custom spectrometers.

Our conceptual design team consists of three Ph.D.-level scientists, Drs. Enoch W. Small, Jeanne Rudzki Small and Louis J. Libertini, with experience developing and using a wide variety of biophysical instrumentation. Our team has strong knowledge of optical phenomena, particularly involving polarization, fluorescence, photoacoustics and lasers.

Steve Hart, Design Engineer, heads our mechanical design team. All design is done using solid modeling with SolidWorks.  Instrumentation is designed for manufacturability.

Electronic design is performed by Chris Berg, an expert in temperature control and in the use of embedded microcontrollers for electronic interfacing with mechanical devices.  Chris designs the circuitry, directs electronic fabrication and generates the required firmware.

Our fabrication team is headed by Stephen Turpin, General Manager.  Some machining is done in house, but Stephen has a extensive network of vendors that he can depend on for most machining, metal finishing, sheet metal work, stereolithography, injection molding, and other needed functions.

If you have a device you would like to have built, large or small, we will be pleased to provide a quotation.  Your costs will be low because we have an experienced team already in place, and pre-existing solutions to many optical, mechanical, and electrical problems.