Company Info

The headquarters of Quantum Northwest, Inc. is located in Liberty Lake, a growing high tech community near Spokane on the eastern side of Washington State. The Spokane area is a land of ponderosa pine and rock outcroppings sculpted in recent geological times by the great Missoula floods. We have a dry climate with much of the 17 inches of annual precipitation falling in the form of about 5 feet of winter snow. Our region is blessed with hundreds of lakes and other recreational opportunities in all directions. The Spokane area is the main distribution site for the Inland Northwest, a huge region incorporating eastern Washington, Idaho, western Montana and parts of Oregon and southern Canada. The very best of materials and processing facilities are readily available to us. Quantum Northwest remains a small company, working with a close-knit group of local vendors. You can count on the very best quality and immediate personal care for any concerns regarding our products. Dr. Enoch Small incorporated Quantum Northwest, Inc. in May 1993 after 22 years of federally-funded research using spectroscopy. Dr. Small continues to work closely with Dr. Louis Libertini, his research colleague of many years and his wife, Dr. Jeanne Rudzki Small, a pioneer in pulsed-laser photoacoustics. Our products are made by people who know how to use them.